The world’s first “Fiber Wedding” appears stunningly

The news conference of the world’s first wedding dress made of fiber cloth was held last night in Xiangcheng District. It is reported that the first “Fiber Wedding” is designed and launched by Taiwan lissabride wedding dress Co., Ltd., the subordinate company of Suzhou (China) wedding city. The raw material “fiber fabrics” is the latest research result of Taiwan Guan De Hong Science and Technology Ltd.

 The news conference of the world’s first wedding dress made of fiber cloth was held in Xiangcheng District. A wedding dress which seems to be very ordinary can glow red, yellow, blue and other colors at will under wireless remote control and set off the romantic and fantasy sentiment of wedding to the extreme. Last night, the news conference of the world’s first wedding dress made of fiber cloth was held in Xiangcheng District. It not only attracted a lot of attention of the elites of domestic wedding dress industry, but also opened the new chapter of applying high-tech products to “beauty economy”.

discount designer wedding dresses

Through high-tech means, the fiber wire is knitted into cloth which makes the originally ordinary fabric have conduction function. This kind of cloth is usually combined with LED lamps and other light emitting devices; they become “luminous cloth” through wireless remote control. At present, this technology is only mastered by China Taiwan, Japan and Italy. It is the first in the world to apply fiber fabrics to the producing of wedding dresses. It is reported that the first “Fiber Wedding” is designed and launched by Taiwan lissabride wedding dress Co., Ltd., the subordinate company of Suzhou (China) wedding city. The raw material “fiber fabrics” is the latest research result of Taiwan Guan De Hong Science and Technology Ltd.

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Selecting wedding dresses, the wedding dress is only worn once?

When you make a calculation, you will find that a set of ordinary wedding dress will cost several thousand even more than ten thousand. In recent years, more and more young people intend to choose the brand of famous designer. Among them, the wedding dresses with new style from the brand Vera Wang are at least eighty thousand or one hundred thousand. To customize one designed by the domestic designer, such as La Vie from Ji Cheng and Lan Yu, the price could reach as high as one million. Such as expensive wedding dress, should they be worn only once and then be put away on the shelf?

 Transforming the wedding dresses and let them shine again sounds like a good idea. It is not difficult, just making some necessary cutting and staining to the wedding dresses to make them be skirts for daily life. Cutting the long tail, removing the intricate decorations, staining it a light color, a cocktail dress is born. In New York, such tailor’s shops and wedding centers have sprung up.

2014 wedding dress -bling-bling-cathedral-train-free-veil

 After hearing about such an idea, the distressed daughters-in-law spoke highly of this idea. They took out their wedding dresses from the closet and began to plan how to modify them. Jewelry designer Pamela Love found that a wedding dress of Oscar de la Renta is on sale in, she bought it and planned to dye it for wearing when attend meetings. However, more brides began to cower at the last moment of modifying. Lisa Mayock, the designer of Vena Cava, a new brand of London fashion industry, wore a wedding dress John Galliano Vintages at the wedding of last year, purple tulle with asymmetric cutting and backless outer cover. “I will wear it matched with other clothes”, Lisa said with emotion. “But that piece of gauze is a microcosm of my wedding, I will cherish it.” Photographer, Rachel Chandler wore a set of dresses of C line and got married with the stylist Tom Guinness in her hometown, Los Angeles. Six months later, their friends held a party for them. Rachel wore the dress of Haider Ackermann. “I thought that the wedding has passed half year, there was nothing meaningful to wear it that day. It is OK to wear it again. But that dress was connected with that beautiful party night together, I do not want to destroy this layer of emotion.” So Rachel also changed the mind of transforming wedding dress.

When the design of big skirt peplums and layers of lace appears on the stage, choosing wedding dresses in the wedding dress shop has become an outdated concept. On autumn and winter show of 2013, there were dresses inspired by wedding or wedding dresses in the Haute Couture series of many brands. Alexander Wang’s simple white dress with “A” shape is very suitable for small warm ceremony; Alberta Ferreti’s dress with V neck is suitable for the romantic wedding at seaside; there are still dresses of Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Lavin, and Dior…… The brides can choose the “dress” from T stage. In this way, your taste in clothes is reflected more realistic. It also owns original fun. Most importantly, there is no need to tighten the budget to for the wedding dress which is only worn once, because in the party or ceremony in the future, the wedding dresses of that time can still become fashionable dresses in a second.

The analysis of classical elements of princess’s wedding dresses

Every female has a princess dream starting from childhood. As the real version of princess dream, the royal wedding of each country becomes the focus of world attention very naturally, especially the design becomes a hot topic of fashion world. Now, let’s analyze the classical elements of princess’s wedding dresses.  The royal people choose wedding dress like this……

From the Monaco Princess Grace Kelly to the Rose Princess Diana ofEngland, and then to the British Kate Princess, a Belgian Countess Stephanie and new Princess of Monaco Charlene, Victor Storck, let us have a look at the wedding dresses from the hands of famous designers and see whether we can find some elements that we can use for reference.

princess’s wedding dresses on dhgate

 Element 1: pearl embroidery
On April 19, 1956, the superstar of Hollywood and movie queen of Oscar, Grace Kelly, she wore an ivory white tube dress with double crossing and satin, matched with long-sleeved slim lace coat with embroideries, the train is as long as 2.7 meters. She wore a beanie with edging and pearls. With her charming prince Morocco Prince Rainier III, they got into the marriage hall hand in hand which made one romantic marriage win the envy of the world.

The perfect combination of embroidery and lace lets the wedding dress emit romantic and elegant flavor. The satin trailing skirt design made Grace Kelly bridal elegant without losing the Royal demeanor.

 Element 2: puff sleeves
On July 29, 1981, the “wedding of the century” between Britain’s Prince Charles and Diana was held in the St.Paul’s Cathedral. Diana wore the ivory white taffeta full-length wedding dress designed by Emanuel couple. The large puff sleeves, V collar and cuffs decorated with falbala show the noble elegance and stable luxury of the British royal family deeply.

Element 3: lace
On April 29, 2011, the love between Prince William and the Princess Kate Middleton, finally, in Westminster Cathedral, the fairy tale wedding of a new century was held. Kate wore long lace princess dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

The design of lace long sleeve and V collar not only shows the charm and sex appeal of the princess in a subtle way, but also conforms to the demands on religion and ceremony of royal wedding. The simple and elegant dress agrees with Kate’s style, romantic and sweet, elegant and solemn.

 Element 4: fishtail peplum
On July 2, 2011, Monaco’s head of state, the solemn and grand religious marriage between Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene Wittstock was held at Le Palais Princier. Princess Charlene Wittstock wore wedding dress with white embroidery which was from the Giorgio Armani Priv é high set series. The design of“1” collar and fishtail, embedded with exquisite pearls, crystals and embroidery decorations, highlights the highlights the beautiful figure and graceful curve of Charlene Wittstock — the South African Mermaid.

Element 5: long veil
On October 20, 2012, in Luxemburg Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxemburg Guillaume married Belgian Countess Stephanie. The Belgian Countess Stephanie wore Allie Sabo white embroidery and veil of about 4 meters, which shows the nobility and magnificence of the royal wedding. 

Romantic seascape wedding dress collocation

Than summer and autumn on the beaches of hot, a few minutes less than some of the cool and romantic, summer when shooting seascape as full of intriguing possibility wedding photos. So there are many couples choose in Zhengzhou wedding studio shooting seascape wedding photos at this time, choose good romantic wedding dress here, let new people to cooperate with the beauty of the beach, the most beautiful event of complete life, making a perfect seascape wedding photos.

Full of tropical romantic enthusiasm. Let a person the first feeling was thinking about Hawaii tropical romantic paradise. More rich in early autumn sun, might as well put on a few bright-colored flower, make the charm of the bride is charming, let sea view photos look more delicate and charming.

Romantic seascape wedding dress collocation

Deep V neck body design, combining with the transparent feeling fine gauze, show the aesthetic feeling of looms, irregular skirt cascade, elegant and rich design feeling, build the clear beautiful like like a mermaid. Sequins and circular veils simple strapless design, show the pearly warm light. Made of veils in the waist tie seemingly at random, natural fabric drape, rich administrative levels feels light veil pendulum is elegant and rich move feeling.

Brief paragraph fine lace wedding dress, cool and refreshing and beautiful, let you there is no risk of tripping over skirt. Afraid of yarn is sea breeze blowing on the sea no grace, you can completely to replace yarn with the fine lace wide-brim hats, review wedding photos taken out perfect already, and do not break elegant the bride’s beautiful.



A few practical method of wedding dress collocation

Special underwear dress should concentrate

The collocation with shoes, often have the bride to wear the dress choose red underwear, the problem of uncoordinated remains the same, and also may be due to wedding dress is not suitable, and fit, exposed embarrassed situation, so it’s best in build or buy wedding dress at the same time, the choose and buy special underwear.

Pearl jewelry to wear

Pearls chain, for example, is very suitable for collocation, a word spaghetti straps, shoulder and cup type of wedding dresses, by pearls chain ornament, can highlight the bride of the neck and line, not only can add dress more elegant temperament. Long strings in wear backless dress, have make the finishing point of the effect. When the bride wearing a backless dress, can make many changes to wear long strings; Or beads will wear the dress in the form of layered rear, to the effect of pearl, hang down naturally, make the curve on the back of the ornament more beautiful bride.

As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry collocation skill, be sure to deserve to act the role of the main points of vice and dress, if the bride to wear simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose style fancy dress; If the bride choose accessories relatively luxurious style, the style of the dress is with simple but elegant is advisable. Besides pearls but dress the best partner.

The bride makeup shall be the fair maiden type

Wedding the bride should be the most beautiful, but this kind of beauty can’t be too gorgeous, redundancy, and should be a pure and fresh quietly elegant, noble and holy beauty, so the bride makeup should keep it, the fair maiden type of makeup.

Some makeup girl dress up the bride, in order to “good”, the colour with very thick, the bride is very sexy, deserve to go up again with a bead flower, all kinds of jewelry, busy is busy, but with the atmosphere of the wedding, destroyed the bride pure, the image of the sun.

The bride’s accessories such as gloves, veil also shall be with the wedding dress, consistent with the atmosphere of the wedding, the most conventional is choose white, modelling concise to match.

Western-style wedding ceremony the bride should hand bouquet

Hand bouquet is one of the most easy to get wrong link on the wedding, often wearing a wedding dress, is holding a big bunch of red roses, and this hand bouquet is a Chinese wedding. The correct collocation should be take the hand bouquet of western style.

The modeling of western-style hand bouquet of flowers to choose according to the model of wedding dress, there are waterfalls, spherical or hemispherical, triangle, half moon, like the nose, etc., the color of the flowers should be given priority to with powder, white, champagne, unfavorable use red. Flowers usually use rose, suitable for wedding flowers such as lily, auxiliary material, can choose QingRenCao, all over the sky star, forget-me-not, etc. Carnations, calla lily, chrysanthemum, such as flamingos are not suitable for use at the wedding. The selection of material and auxiliary material mainly require says correspond to the theme of the wedding.


Korean wedding bridal gowns tie-in — different bride match different dress

Korean dress, can put the bride beautiful curve show incisively and vividly, and also can put the bride insufficient local modification is very good, so different shape of the bride is suitable for wear what style of Korean wedding dress under?

The princess type clipping method is generally upper body fit, hem width gradually. This classic wedding dress style is also called the a-line skirt, suitable for A variety of shape of the bride. Especially a petite and bride lean body mass, can choose the princess type Korean dress, tall waist line design, make the hem lines stretched.

Trailing type Korean wedding dresses. This dress is characterized by high waist line, long skirt. In fit close to the chest, can decorate a variety of designs. Skirt is slightly a-line, fully show the line of shoulder and chest, the waist and abdomen and hips also have very good cover effect, embodies the luxury of aristocratic temperament.

Cultivate one’s morality type Korean wedding dresses. This dress is very concise and easy, in accordance with the body place design fit curve close-fitting clipping of narrow, not include petticoat. Most material with silk georgette, crepe, etc have excellent prolapse feeling of fabric. This dress is all dress in style, can highlight posture is the most beautiful and the most modern cropping pattern.

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Teaching you how to wear the tail wedding dress to pose

Don’t romantic your good figure, fishtail wedding dress will show the bride’s temperament and curvaceous, the best picture taken by many brides in love. Fishtail wedding dress picture taken how to pose, small make up action for new people from various angles.

Close-fitting clipping the expressive force of limiting the fishtail wedding dress themselves, which requires the bride-to-be bring vitality to it. Legs crossed into a straight line, and then fold the knee, screen fills moves the feeling, as if the bride coming towards us. Look from the front, the wedding dress is no longer a rigid plane, the whole picture has stereo feeling.

wear the tail wedding dress to pose

Fishtail wedding dress materials are usually light and soft, can follow person’s posture. The bride leaned slightly backward, the body spread out, dress as the body with the point of view. From the side like a skirt on the back flap with the breeze, this is the side should some position. Fishtail gown profile, should not be absolute side, slightly sideways is one of the best point of view. And positive like, knees slightly bent, stereo sense is dye-in-the-wood.

Fishtail wedding dress thigh is cultivate one’s morality, so don’t sit down, legs together can appear such lower limbs are very fat. Sit a third place, two legs slightly overlapping, stereo feeling, has the graceful posture also. Fishtail wedding dress photography have high request for the bride’s figure and expressiveness, too fruity and don’t try to cultivate one’s morality dress of the bride.




Bridal gloves how to match the ring

Bridal gloves how to match the ring

Scheme1,Embroidery Beaded Gloves +Square

This glove is only suitable for finger lengthening the bride, beading and embroidery to gorgeous feeling.

Scheme2,Bow Tie Satin Fingerless Gloves + Heart Shaped Ring Scheme

Bow bring feeling ,mitts can make finger from the visual look more slender.Therefore,cordate or flower ring can and bow gloves with harmonious.

Satin gloves also paired with thick satin or silk wedding ,concise A shape wedding is a good choice.

Scheme3,short lace gloves+simple round diamond ring

Lace glove and ruffle lace in the nobility of with a lively sense,lace is able to modify the texture of skin,make the texture of skin,made the gloved hand looks fine and smooth .Can be used with a mop yarn quality wedding dress skirt

Believe that fits the wearer ring bridal gloves will let you become an elegant bride,let you in the wedding scene because you choose to wear for the ring looks more elegant bridal gloves.

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The wrong color match of wedding dress


One error for wedding dress:use too much color

When you choose the color for the wedding dress,the key to choose the dress is concise.from the  wedding designer JL Carissa

In order not to let your bouquet and table flower color too cluttered, three to four kinds of color is enough .If you like to take some administrative levels feeling design, might as well in the same color collocation, some shades or some gradient of different options, this will increase the color of the administrative levels feeling and won’t appear clutter. in order to achieve special marked effect, can choose monochrome, again tie-in some bold eye-catching color fastens with color – such as bright purple or milk white.

Purple Wedding Dresses

Another error :use too popular color

You can find the most popular color in the magazine easily,but don not forget this:you will see your wedding photo or wedding album in your home ,the color from these will stay for a long time.Kristy Rice,the designer from Momental suggest that we choose the color for the wedding dress,consider the color will accompany you in your life.

The most charming accessory of wedding dress bridal gloves

wedding dress bridal gloves

After the mini gloves designed by famous designer Patricia Field in the film LustCity brings a glove frenzy, the fashion in winter in 2009 embraces another glove storm. If you still hesitate whether you should list gloves as the necessities, you have been out of the fashion.

The clothes with contrast color become very popular in autumn and winter, for example attaching a green waistband to the pink dress. The yellow hat and glove make you look like a star. In a film called Confessions of a Shopaholic, Isla Fisher acts Rebecca as a shopaholic who has the unique dressing taste. Match a pair of orange glove with your clothe can make you look more fashionable.

In the TV play called Gossip Girl, S is the most popular girl among the girls in terms of dressing styles. The England styled black and red lattice coat fully shows the temperament of the lady. Meanwhile, in order to make herself look over lovely, she wears the neutral and handsome fur gloves.